What makes good work, great? At Friction, that’s a question we ask ourselves before starting each and every new assignment. And the answer always comes down to experience. It’s what enables us to think with you in laying the groundwork for your project. But it’s also how we find that extra edge when it comes to execution. For results that don’t just speak but shout for themselves – loud and clear. And we do all this with an attitude of flexibility and transparency, precisely so we can make great work together, over and over and over again.

Put the right people together in a room and sparks fly!

Which is why we select the ultimate dream team for every new project. Including yours. Compiled entirely on the basis of your needs and expectations. Starting with the best DOPs and directors in the business (that goes without saying). But also backed up by a team who knows how the right atmosphere on set can really set things on fire. 

Always on, 7 days a week: Everything we do at Friction is based on two very simple principles: flexibility and transparency. It’s why you can reach us whenever you need us.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

At Friction, we take care of the entire process as from beginning to “The End”. Including full pre and post-production for a standing ovation every time.

•  Concept development
•  Copywriting and storytelling
•  Storyboarding
•  Location scouting
•  Casting
•  Camerawork
•  Lighting
•  Sound
•  Make-up
•  Set dressing
•  Styling
•  Editing
•  Sound design
•  Colorgrading
•  Directing
•  Production

Corporate content

We go in search of the ideal format for your corporate video. To make sure it looks as good as a Hollywood trailer. With just as much impact!

Mobile content

The future has been mobile for a long time now. And since we’ve been dedicated to producing mobile content from the very beginning, you can go ahead and call us specialists in the field.


From storyboard to broadcast. We make sure your ad makes waves, even after it’s been on air. No matter what the format.

Motion Graphics & VFX

Complex ideas, new products or services, … these things are often best spelled out clearly and simply. Which is why animation is often the perfect medium.

Awards & nominations